An eye test is challenging people across the internet to find a C among a sea of Os, but apparently 99 per cent of people can’t do it in less than 7 seconds.

Now, I don’t want to brag too much about being part of the elite 1 per cent, but I managed to spot the C almost instantly. Though, I was unknowingly looking at a zoomed-in version at the time, so my results are admittedly a bit tainted.
The test has been around for years, but it recently emerged again, ready to leave people infuriated as they stare desperately at the black and white puzzle. The task sounds simple enough; just find the C.
Now, according to Newsner, the creators of the challenge have claimed 99% who take the test will be unable to locate said ‘C’ within seven seconds or less.

Are you ready to see if you’re part of the one per cent? Check out the Test here:
If you’re struggling to find the C even after closely analysing the picture, you could commit to the lengthy process of carefully scanning each line.
“I’m a grandfather 6 times. I never anticipated it, stupidly. Even though I’ve got 6 children, never thought they would have children. That’s how dumb I am!”

But your best bet is to avoiding focusing on any particular area of the grid, as that can just slow you down if you’re looking at the wrong area.

It also helps to prepare yourself for what you’re looking for before you cast your eyes on the image – so picture that C in your mind’s eye before looking at all the Os!