Woman gives Birth to Twins from 2 Different Dads, her Husband & her Lover

The truth might be strange, but it never remains hidden. Every action has a consequence, and the affair of one Chinese woman took a rather unexpected turn.

Penguins allowed to Roam Free around Aquarium after it was Closed to Public

Penguins have been let loose on an aquarium after the facility was closed to humans.

Coronavirus World MAP – 62 countries affected by Deadly COVID-19

On Friday, WHO increased the risk of impact and global risk...

Dog adopts Stray Kitten Who was Found alone on Farm

A tiny orphaned kitten found a family and a big dog to be her best friend.

This Village Without Roads is straight Out of a Fairy-tale

Also known as “Venice of the Netherlands”, this magical village founded around 1230 is the kind most people could only dream of….

Adorable Little Kittens Sleeping in Hands (VIDEO)

Having a little kitten sleeping and purring on the palm of your hand just have to be one of the cutest things ever!

Famous windmill BURGH Le MARSH destroyed by Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara has torn the sails off a historic windmill in Lincolnshire.

Storm Ciara: Dramatic AirPlane Landing in Strong Winds (VIDEO)

Strong winds forced a flight at Heathrow Airport to abort its landing seconds after touching down on the runway.

This is the Most Beautiful Library in the World

The Klementinum library, an exquisite example of Baroque architecture, was first opened in 1722 as part of the Jesuit university, and houses over 20,000 books.