How to Survive a Tsunami – Video

How to live through one of nature’s most powerful events.

The Magical New York Christmas Tree lighting in Rockefeller Center

Watching the annual 87th Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony!

The First Mother-Daughter Pilot Duo in History

Recently, aviation history was made when passenger Dr. John Watrel learned that the duo piloting his Delta Boeing 757 flight was, in fact, a mother and daughter.

Top 10 Safest Countries to Travel in 2020

When travel abroad, safety and security is a major concern. Here are the top ten of the safest countries for your next international trip.

Golden Retriever Dogs watching their Newborn Puppies (VIDEO)

In the video below, we have some Golden Retriever parents who are just so proud and overjoyed at the family they have just created.

Plane Engine catches Fire with 347 passengers on Board (Video+photos)

A Philippine Airlines flight suffered an apparent engine failure on Thursday (Nov 21) shortly after takeoff from Los Angeles and made an emergency landing.

Top 10 Safest Places to Travel in Europe in 2020

Here are THE 10 SAFEST countries to travel to around Europe for 2018 have been revealed, with some surprising entries. Check them out here...

Homeless Woman shot Dead in the Street after asking Man 25 cents to Buy...

A 31-year-old homeless woman in Rio de Janeiro was shot dead just seconds after she asked a man if he could spare 25 cents so that she could buy bread.

BON JOVI opened 2 Restaurants & allow People in Need to Eat for Free

While Jon Bon Jovi is very well known for his career in music, very few are familiar with the kind things he has done to make our world a better place.

Venice is Sinking – 7 Cities in danger to Disappear in the future

As Venice was deluged this week with the highest tide in 50 years, images of the historic floods stunned the world and captured the scale of the floods!