Did you Know there is a Venice in Las Vegas?

Situated in the middle of Las Vegas (USA), the 1.5 billion dollar complex is considered one of the largest and most luxurious resorts in the world.

Europe Weather sparks Warnings to over 48°C heatwaves

THE heatwave cooking Spai and Portugal could spread into the rest of countries of Europe, sparking wildfires, thunderstorms and even droughts.

9 of The Most Beautiful European Cities

Here are nine of the most beautiful European cities that would make for a compelling supporting argument...

2020 will be the Hottest Summer in 100 Years with Temperatures up to 48°C...

2018 is on pace to be the 4th-hottest year on record .... not lost on experts, who say the rising temperature is a clear indicator of global warming!

Top 10 Beaches with the Bluest Waters in the World

The perfect beaches complimented with the most pristine waters in the world, so clean that you can see the bottom clearly. Have you been to any of them?

Top 10 Most Idyllic Small Towns in the World

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Top 10 Men With the Most Beautiful Eyes in the World

List of the Mest eyes on Men, ranked by appreciative fans. This list includes many of the hottest famous men with the prettiest eyes in the World, ...

Pyramid hidden in Antarctica found by History Channel

Not long ago, the History Channel, through its show Ancient Aliens, made a remarkable discovery. It is a colossal pyramid hidden so far under the snow of Antarctica.

Newborn Baby Greets Dad with a beaming Smile

A heartwarming photo has surfaced from Brazil after a newborn baby girl beamed with happiness at the sound of her dad's voice.

ITALY named No1 most Beautiful Country in The World

Do you agree? What are the others? Share your opinion...