NASA will pay you $100,000 to stay in BED for 60 days!

Sounds easy, right? We thought so too until we read the guidelines. NASA is offering $100,000 to the right candidates to stay lying down in bed for two months straight.

91-years-Old Grandma transform a Small Village into an Art Gallery

Grandma Agnes Kasparkova is an internet sensation because of her passion for flower painting.

Keanu Reeves proves his Kindness by Secretly financing Children’s Hospitals

No one can deny what a generous lump is Keanu Reeves!

Bear, Lion & Tiger are beeing Best Friends for 15 Years

We’ve seen a lot of unlikely animal friendships. Dogs and elephants. Cats and foxes. Even giraffes and ostriches

Woman leaves Door open during Storm and finds 3 Baby Deer in her Living...

Fortunately, these three little heroes rode out the storm.

Baby Koala makes Amazing Recovery after almost Dying in Australia’s Wildfire

Australia is in the center of the world’s attention now, being devastated by the raging fires that keep raging throughout massive parts of its territory.

Rescued Kangaroo Can’t Stop hugging the People who Saved her life (VIDEO)

A series of Youtube videos and pictures show the thirteen-year-old female kangaroo, named ‘Queen Abi’, giving hugs to her rescuers!

New Year (2020) Celebrations around the World in this amazing Live Video

As Sydney, Auckland and Singapore are among the first to see in 2020, we highlight amazing Fireworks and Celebrations all around the World.

Koala desperate for Water stops Cyclist for Help

Anna Heuseler had been cycling towards Adelaide as part of a group on December 20 when they spotted the thirsty koala sitting in the middle of the road.

Two Cruise Ships Crashing each other (VIDEO)

Two Carnival cruise ships collided off the coast of Mexico this week, in what is possibly the slowest crash ever caught on camera.