Man Jumps into cold Waters to save Dog’s life

It’s hard to say what we would do in a life or death situation to save an animal; those that do deserve the title of ‘hero’.

10 Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Be merry with mulled wine in one hand, and a hot dog in the other. It's time to soak up the festive vibes of Europe's Best Christmas markets for 2019.

Wham – Last Christmas (Official 4K Video)

The track was originally released 35 years ago in December 1984, and Sony Music Entertainment has now remastered the original footage in 4K.

Top 10 Christmas Shopping Cities in Europe

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American Airlines Plane makes an Emergency Landing after a hailstorm cracked its Windows

A severe hailstorm cracked the windshield of an American Airlines jetliner headed to Phoenix (USA) and forced it to divert to El Paso airport, Texas.

Wiley, the Dalmatian Dog with a Heart on his Nose

Wiley- The Dalmatian Dog is one of the most famous and arguably the cutest puppy on the internet right now for all the right reasons, he has a heart on his nose.

How to Survive a Tsunami – Video

How to live through one of nature’s most powerful events.

The Magical New York Christmas Tree lighting in Rockefeller Center

Watching the annual 87th Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony!

The First Mother-Daughter Pilot Duo in History

Recently, aviation history was made when passenger Dr. John Watrel learned that the duo piloting his Delta Boeing 757 flight was, in fact, a mother and daughter.

Top 10 Safest Countries to Travel in 2020

When travel abroad, safety and security is a major concern. Here are the top ten of the safest countries for your next international trip.