Rome Christmas Tree to be lit up on 8th December

Rome's 2019 Christmas tree is sponsored by Netflix.

Italian hero Doctor dies fighting Coronavirus (RIP)

A doctor who had been handling the coronavirus crisis in northern Italy has died from the disease.

USA is Freezing as Temperatures dropped to -69°C

The arrival of the eastern 'Weather Bomb Cyclone' in the USA has left millions of American people temporarily living in Arctic & north Pole conditions.

107-years Grandma is the Oldest person in the world SURVIVED Coronavirus

A 107-year old Dutch woman has recovered from the coronavirus, probably becoming the oldest survivor of the pandemic in the world.

BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus Outbreak in Italy – 16 People Infected in just 24 hours

Italy announces 14 new Coronavirus cases in Lombardy and two cases in Veneto.

27 new Deaths in Italy from Coronavirus in Just 24 hours

The number of people in Italy who have died since contracting the new coronavirus has risen to 79, according to the latest official data.

Rome says NO to McDonald’s at Pantheon

American fast-food giant McDonald's has been refused 400-sqm outlet currently under construction near the Pantheon of Rome!

Earthquake (4.2 magnitube) rocks Central Italy – 1/9/2019

There were reports of a powerful earthquake in south Italy on Sunday (02h00), with witnesses saying it was felt in several Cities of Cental Italy!

Metro Escalator Collapes in Rome, Italy (20 people injured)

Accident occurred at Rome metro, as people were thrown atop one another.

China is STILL slaughtering Dogs & Cats in ‘wet markets’

Terrified dogs and cats crammed into rusty cages.

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Why you should Never choose All Inclusive in ITALY

All in inclusive holidays is not an option when it comes to beautiful Italu, unless you want to miss out the whole Italian experience!

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