More than 100 Doctors have Died in Italy from Coronavirus

The number of doctors to have died during Italy's Coronavirus crisis has now reached 100, according to the national federation of doctors' guilds FNOMCEO.

BREAKING NEWS: Fears of Airplane Crash after Boeing737 missing after Takeoff

Air Flight 182 lost contact with Indonesia’s aviation authorities after taking off from Jakarta, according to the country’s rescue agency.

❀️ Pray for all Animals in Australia and the People πŸ™

Australia is being ravaged by the worst wildfires seen in decades, with large swathes of the country devastated since the fire season began in September!

1.6 Million people rocked by the Earthquake in Central Italy

There were reports of a strong earthquake in south Italy on Friday (17h50), with witnesses saying it was felt in several Cities of Cental Italy..

Huge Earthquake (6.2R) strikes the Mediterranean Sea

This is the second earthquake to hit the Mediterranean this month.

Severe Storms & Rain caused Floods in Northern Italy

Heavy rainfall overnight left much of Milan under several centimeters of water, with authorities warning that the river Seveso was close to bursting its banks.

Baby Boy, 11 weeks-Old, hospitalized with COVID-19

A desperate mother, 30, is urging people to stick to the COVID-19 guidelines and remain home during the crisis after her newborn baby boy tested positive.

❀️ Pray for Italy πŸ™ 10 people Dead as Floods hits Italy

Rome, Italy. October 30 - The death toll of the severe wave of extreme bad weather that is lashing all across Italy climbed to 10 on Tuesday.

China is STILL slaughtering Dogs & Cats in ‘wet markets’

Terrified dogs and cats crammed into rusty cages.

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10 Strange Habits of the Italian People

Italians do many things differently. Read this article and have the chance to compare the cultural characteristics of Italians and the Americans!

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