❤️ Pray for California 🙏 79 Dead and 927 missing in Fires

Fires are hitting both northern and southern California, with the northern blaze labelled the ‘Camp Fire’, while the southern fire is called the ‘Woolsey Fire’.

Red alert: Warnings for Violent Storms all across Italy, Local floods turned Roads into...

Several areas on high alert as severe Weather continues to batter Italy, after a weekend of heavy rain and high winds in many regions.

Rome City issues Safety Warning as Storm hits Italy, __ Trees falling in Rome...

Trees falling throughout Rome due to strong Winds..

6 dead & 35 injured in Nightclub stampede in Italy

6 people were killed and 35 injured in a stampede of panicked concertgoers early Saturday at a disco in a small town on Italy's central Adriatic coast.

Venice Flooding damages 1,000 year old Marble Mosaic floor at St Mark’s Basilica (Video+photos)

Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice flooded with nearly three feet of water last week, damaging part of the 1,000 year old marble mosaic floor inside.

Violent hail-Storm causes Floods and Chaos in Rome

Flooded roads and metro stations lead to commuter chaos in Rome....

Weather ALERT: Cyclone of Snow to hit EUROPE (19-22 November)

Temperatures will dropp 25°C in just 2 days. Maps and details...

Torrentail Rains caused Floods in Genoa, Italy

After the area of Liguria in Italy suffered extensive damage caused by flash flooding, it’s the city of Genoa’s turn to be battered by torrential rains today.

Venice Is Flooding Because of Climate Change, but Corruption is Keeping it Under Water

After two days of heavy rain, Venice, can hopefully begin to recover...

Deadly Storms in Italy – Death toll rises to 29

Floods have killed 12 people on the southern island of Sicily, nine of them ... services said on Sunday, taking the week's toll across Italy past 29.