3 Volcanoc Eruptions In 3 Different Countries in 3 Days

In just a span of three days, three volcanic eruptions had occurred in volcanoes found in the Philippines, Japan, and Mexico.

Violent Storm causes Floods and Chaos in ROME

Flooding in Rome due to the heavy rain that has been affecting the city. There are reports of flooding in different streets of the City.

Huge Earthquake (6.2R) strikes the Mediterranean Sea

This is the second earthquake to hit the Mediterranean this month.

Italy Rated in the Worst Countries in the World 😲

Italy ranked alongside Nigeria and Kuwait in the Expat Insider survey by InterNations, an information and networking site for people living overseas.

BREAKING NEWS: Video Shows that Boeing 737 was Hit by Missile

Shocking Video appears to show a missile being fired and striking an object, around the same time that a Boeing 737 plane crashed just after taking off from.

Heartbreaking photo of a 4-years-old Girl, kissing her Father through a Window due to...

A cancer-stricken 4-year-old girl is kissing her father goodbye through a window, as they are forced to separate while she undergoes chemotherapy.

Italian Doctors fighting Coronavirus 🙏 Pray for them

'Hospitals are overwhelmed': Italian doctors describe the struggle of fighting the coronavirus outbreak!

Man throws Candelabra off St Peter’s Basilica, Rome

A man was arrested by Vatican gendarmes for throwing a candelabra off the main altar in St Peter's Basilica on the morning of 4 September.

Plane Engine catches Fire with 347 passengers on Board (Video+photos)

A Philippine Airlines flight suffered an apparent engine failure on Thursday (Nov 21) shortly after takeoff from Los Angeles and made an emergency landing.

Italy closes all Museums, Cinemas & Theatres

Italy orders closure of all museums, cinemas and theatres as country attempts to contain spread of Coronavirus.