Coronavirus can survive in the Air for 3 HOURS scientists reveal

The killer coronavirus rapidly spreading around the world can survive in the air for three hours, scientists have found.

The first Snow is Expected to fall in Italy

Temperatures everywhere are forecast to drop sharply over the weekend, according to, and could fall by as much as 12 degrees ...

Sicily (Italy) rocked by 8 small Earthquakes in 12 hours

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck the Tyrrhenian Sea at 12:10 this morning.

In Italy Plastic Straws are being Replaced with Pasta Straws in Order to Reduce...

Since the world is turning more eco-friendly in the bid to reduce the effects of climate change, people are coming up with more innovative ways to make a change.

Italy Ferry port Fire: A MASSIVE Fire in Savona, Italy

A MASSIVE fire entirely engulfed a newly-built government skyscraper in the Italian harbour city of Savona, where more than 40 people were working.

Boris Johnson is OUT of hospital after Coronavirus battle

Boris Johnson's pregnant fiancée Carrie Symonds told of her agony as the Prime Minister battled coronavirus in intensive care.

Venice in Danger for more Floodings & strong Winds

Venice was on red alert for more floods and fierce winds on Saturday after an exceptionally high tide swamped the city of canals, and declared a state of emergency.

Mount Etna Tsunami warning to ‘entire Mediterranean’ after Volcano found ‘Sliding to Sea’

MOUNT ETNA could trigger a tsunami "in the entire Mediterranean" in the future after scientists previously warned it was "sliding" towards the sea.

September Snow falls near Rome, Italy

Snow rarely ever falls this early in the Lazio region.

Italy doesn’t Plan to close borders to Tourists in 2020

Italy will not be closed off to tourists this year. ➡️

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Top 10 Best Airlines in Europe, (ranked)

Did you know which is the the best Airline company in 2018? Here is list of Top 10 Best and Most Famous Airlines in Europe for 2018 ranking...

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