Venice Flooding damages 1,000 year old Marble Mosaic floor at St Mark’s Basilica (Video+photos)

Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice flooded with nearly three feet of water last week, damaging part of the 1,000 year old marble mosaic floor inside.

BREAKING NEWS: Strong Earthquake (4.9R) in Sicily, Italy

On 22-12-2020 at 21:27 an earthquake with a magnitude between 4.9 and 5.4 was recorded in the Ragusa area (RG).

❤️ Pray for UK 🙏 Cyclone Dennis hits Britain – Winds guts up to...

Across the United Kingdom, people are experiencing another weekend of strong winds, heavy rain and potential flooding as Storm Dennis hits the region.

🙏 We Pray for Italy ❤️ 08/12/2018 🕯️ R.I.P

Stampede in Italy Nightclub killed 6 people and injured 120 ...

Italy Celebrates Special Day for Women 8th March – “Festa della Donna” in Italy

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day and Italian men are going to celebrate it with the traditional gift of yellow mimosas to Italy’s lovely women.

🙏 PRAY for PARIS ❤️ Fire Burns Notre Dame Cathedral 🕯️ 15/4/2019

A "significant fire" broke out at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in the central of Paris at 7 pm local time, according to the national French police.

Gas explosion in Elba, Italy – 1 person Dead

One person is dead and three others injured following an explosion at a building in Portoferraio, in Elba Island (Italy), early this morning 23/07/2019.

Extreme weather with Tornados and flash Floods hits Italy – 3 people Dead

Freak storms and floods following last week's heatwave in Italy claimed 3 lives over the weekend, including a young woman caught up in a mini-tornado...

Florence & Pisa (Italy) saved by Flood defenses

he Arno canal system and Pisa flood defenses came into full effect on Sunday, saving Pisa and Florence from severe flooding, Tuscan civil protection authorities say.

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Top 5 Tips to Cure your Craving for Italy

Here are some tips on how to satisfy your craving for beautiful Italy, from Italian art to Italian food and everything in between. Read on the article ...

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