A Mediterranean hurricane aims straight at Italy. It is called Medicane. What seemed like a possibility now is a certainty.

In fact, there are more and more confirmations about the extreme evolution proposed by the mathematical physics models this morning on the Medicane that will fall on Italy in the middle of next week.
Usually, in the past years, we used to see them in the autumn season (although rarely), but this time it will arrive in the middle of winter. Not only that: it will be powered by icy air that will cause snow storms and storms.
The mix between very cold air at high altitude and milder air on the ground will create an explosive situation, as one has not seen for some time.The low temperatures, the call of humid air from the South will determine real storms and blizzards with winds over 120 km / h between 23 and 24 January.
Not only that, also intense snowy storms that would hit all the regions of central and northern Italy like a leopard spot. In fact, the regions that will suffer the most will be Central-Northern, Tyrrhenian, Sardinia and Sicily.