Recipe: Cannoli Cream Chocolate Truffles

Welcome to cannoli heaven!

Rome Tourists (-90%) cancelations because of Coronavirus

Rome mayor to convene meeting with tourism stakeholders.

Pope will celebrate Easter in St Peter square in Rome without people

Pope's Easter ceremonies "without the participation of the people" to be live-streamed from St Peter's.

BREAKING NEWS: Rome Airport Closed due to Fire

Anyone travelling from Rome's Ciampino airport in Italy, today can expect delays after the departures area was closed due to fire this morning.

‘Amazing’ 101-year-old recovers from Coronavirus

Keith Watson, from Worcestershire, was admitted for surgery after a fall but developed a high temperature and tested positive for COVID-19.

Heatwave with 43°C (110F) expected in Italy

After a short spell of mild weather, Italy's summer of extremes is set to continue with another heatwave expected in the coming days.

Drunk Tourists dropped Alcohol into Trevi Fountain in Rome

3 Australian tourists were arrested at Rome's Trevi Fountain during the night of 14 October, after an altercation with city police, according to Italian news agency.

Italy reopens to tourists from Europe Today 😊

3 June marks a major step in Italy's coronavirus emergency timeline.

Weather Alert: COLD & SNOW returns in Italy (5th May)

It is the 1st time in the last 280 year that it will snow May in Italy!

Couple buys House in Sicily for 1 Euro as Italian Villages Bid to bring...

Well, believe it or not, a number of Italian villages have begun selling homes for just €1. That's around 1.18 US dollars or 90 pence in UK pounds.

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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should’t Wait Until Retirement to Visit...

Italy is a beautiful country with so much to do and see. We have pulled out best reasons why you should visit Italy and experience the magic of the country!

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