BREAKING NEWS: Huge Gas Explosion rocks PARIS City, many people reported injured

Firefighters are tackling a blaze in a business in the centre of Paris after a powerful explosion which injured at least 20 people, police say.

Etna Volcano causes new Strong Earthquake (4.1R) in Sicily

The Mount Etna volcano remains restles. A magnitude 4.1 earthquake at 2 km depth beneath the northeastern rift zone occurred early this morning at 00:50 am.

Heavy Snow in Germany, Italy & Greece causes Chaos for travellers in Europe

Heavy snowfalls across Europe — even in Greece — have thrown travel plans into chaos, trapping hundreds and leaving snow on Italian beaches.

Earthquake 3.6R rocks Tropea, Italy, as Volcanic activity Increases

Earthquake shock of 3.6R warned in Tropea and Ricadi, between the Aeolian Islands and Calabria due to the increase in the activity of the volcano

Weather: STUNNING Video of Italy Beach covered by SNOW

SOUTHERN Italy has been hit by sudden and unusual snow showers as extreme weather conditions have battered European countries on the Mediterranean.

Italy braces for Freezing Weather as Snow causes chaos

Italy's current wintery weather is expected to last for at least another week!

Now you can Fly to EUROPE from USA for less than $182

So why not get your planning head on because Norwegian Airlines has just announced a flash sale for less than £145 ($182)

Heavy SNOW hits the Italian City of Naples

SNOW and freezing temperatures have hitten the Italian City of Naples on Thursday as shocked locals posted videos of the extreme weather conditions.

Snow set to hit ITALY over the next 3 DAYS

Temperatures will dropp up to -10°C in some regios of Italy!

6 people Dead in Train Crash in Denmark

At least six people died in a tragic accident after a passenger train travelling towards Copenhagen was hit by objects from a beer freight train.