BREAKING NEWS: Fears of Airplane Crash after Boeing737 missing after Takeoff

Air Flight 182 lost contact with Indonesia’s aviation authorities after taking off from Jakarta, according to the country’s rescue agency.

Hospital evacuated in Naples (Italy) after Big Sinkhole opens near

A massive chasm opened up in the Naples hospital car park.

Swimming Tourists damaged a 17-Century Fountain in Rome

Nobody knows the exact date but it is believed the Baroque monument was damaged during the summer.

BREAKING NEWS: Strong Earthquake (4.9R) in Sicily, Italy

On 22-12-2020 at 21:27 an earthquake with a magnitude between 4.9 and 5.4 was recorded in the Ragusa area (RG).

Mount Etna in Sicily erupts again as lava blasts from the Crater – December...

Mount Etna’s volcanic activity is continuing with a second powerful eruption following the first last week.

NEW explosion of Mount Etna Volcano today – 21/12/2020

Another lava-fountaining episode (paroxysm) occurred this morning at the volcano.

Strong Earthquake (4.2R) rockes Milan, Italy

The province of Milan was struck by an earthquake with a magnitude between 3.8 and 4.3 just before 17.00 on Thursday 17 December.

Mount Etna Volcano in Italy explodes tonight – 14/12/2020

Etna erupting in the night, live images...

Venice Flooding damages the 1,000 year-old St Mark’s Basilica (Video+photos)

Venice flood causes 'serious' damage two months after flood barriers were introduced...

Venice Flooded Again (photos) – 09th Dec 2020

Flood barriers were not activated after forecasts predicted a high tide of only 1.2 meters!

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