❤️ Pray for Sicily 🙏 Extreme, record rains lead to Deadly floods

Record Rain Causes Flash Floods in Sicilian Capital, Palermo...

6 year-old Hero brother save his little Sister’s life by fighting with vicious Dog

If someone had to die I thought it should be me' six-year-old Wyoming boy left with 90 stitches after standing between his younger sister and a charging dog...

Worst Rainstrom since 1790 hits Palermo, Italy

Sicilian capital hit by flash floods as firefighters continue to search for missing people in underpass.

GOOD NEWS: The coronavirus Vaccine is WORKING

Hopes build over UK Covid vaccine as Oxford drug trials show test subjects are developing key antibodies and T-cells for fighting off killer disease!

John Travolta’s Wife Kelly Preston dies aged 57

Preston lost her battle with breast cancer on Sunday. The couple was married for nearly 30 years.

Italy: Bergamo hospital is covid-19 free after 137 days

No more coronavirus patients in intensive care at Bergamo hospital.

Venice will fine with €1,000 People for breaking quarantine

Veneto says it will fine people who flout quarantine rules up to €1,000, amid a new outbreak of coronavirus in the region.

Cruel Summer? Americans won’t be welcome in Europe

EU confirms Americans banned...

Private Jet with USA tourists rejected at Italy’s borders

Passengers on a private jet coming from Colorado US were denied entry to the country at a customs check at Elmas airport in Cagliari, Italy.

It’s Official—Americans Won’t Be Allowed to Travel in Europe When It Reopens

A list of the countries whose citizens will be allowed to travel to Europe starting on July 1 has been released, and it does not include the United States!

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Top 10 Incredible Restaurants to Eat in Italy

Whether you want the Neapolitan pizza once savoured by Julia Roberts or simple rustic cooking, our readers have travelled all over Italy ...

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