The Oldest Cafe in Italy is in danger of Closing due to COVID-19

LIKE MANY BUSINESSES around the world, one of Venice’s most iconic landmarks is in danger of closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mount Etna Tsunami warning to ‘entire Mediterranean’ after Volcano found ‘Sliding to Sea’

MOUNT ETNA could trigger a tsunami "in the entire Mediterranean" in the future after scientists previously warned it was "sliding" towards the sea.

Toilets And Sinks in the USA are Freezing Over In Brutal Cold Snap

The United States continues to be blanketed in snow and ice as Arctic temperatures reach further south than ever before...

Mount Etna in Italy erupts Twice in 48 hours… (photos)

Teams in Italy worked to clean up the area surrounding Mount Etna Wednesday after the volcano spewed lava, ash, and volcanic stones.

Rome celebrates 150 years as Italy’s capital

Pope Francis urges Rome to be a city of solidarity and peace.

(Weather Warning) USA will be Colder then Mars this Week (-17°C)

State of emergency in New York City due to snow, schools to stay all remote...

Over 30 small Earthquakes rocked Sicily yesterday – 24/1/2021

The sequence of earthquakes in Sicily, on the slopes of Etna. Tremors and roars in the Catania area since this morning.

300-Years-Old Caffe in Venice (Italy) is in Danger of Closing

The 300-year-old hot spot was a hangout for everyone from Claude Monet to Andy Warhol...

BREAKING NEWS: Mount Etna in Italy explodes again Tonight – 20/1/2020

Strong eruption of Etna in progress, rivers of lava from the crater (IMAGES)...

Heavy Snowfall expected in Rome today – 15/1/2021

Snow warning in place for Lazio region on 15 January.

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