50,000 people Forced into Guarantine in ITALY due to Coronavirus Outbreak

CORONAVIRUS is crippling the north of Italy as up to 50,000 people have now been forced into quarantine following more than 250 cases reported since the outbreak.

Coronavirus Explodes in Italy, Threatening Europe. Can It Be Contained?

More than 50,000 Italians are literally locked down, facing jail sentences and fines if they leave their homes, thanks to the largest outbreak outside Asia!

BREAKING: Strong Earthquake (4.8R) rockes South Italy

A relatively intense earthquake was recorded today at 17.02, on central Calabria on the Sila massif. The earthquake was clearly felt over much of the region.

❤️ Please Pray for ITALY 🙏 5 people Dead from Coronavirus and 219 Infected...

A fifth elderly patient has died after contracting the coronavirus in Italy, while the number of people testing positive for the virus is now over 200.

Austria Bans all Trains from Italy due to Coronavirus

Austria has denied entry to a train from Italy on suspicion that two travelers might be infected with the coronavirus, the interior ministry said on Sunday.

Venice Carnival Canceled due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Venice has canceled its annual Carnevale celebrations as well as closing its museums, while universities in Trieste and Udine have suspended all activity until 1 March.

Earthquake (3.4R) rockes Emilia Romagna, Italy

An earthquake shock occurred in Northern Italy, in Emilia Romagna.

BREAKING NOW: 2 people Dead from Coronavirus in ITALY

A second person in Italy has died from complications from the new coronavirus, Italian news agency ANSA said on Saturday 22-2-2020.

BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus Outbreak in Italy – 16 People Infected in just 24 hours

Italy announces 14 new Coronavirus cases in Lombardy and two cases in Veneto.

Six (6) people Infected with Coronavirus in Italy’s Lombardy region

Six Italians have tested positive for the coronavirus in the region of Lombardy!