Italy: Bergamo hospital is covid-19 free after 137 days

No more coronavirus patients in intensive care at Bergamo hospital.

Venice will fine with €1,000 People for breaking quarantine

Veneto says it will fine people who flout quarantine rules up to €1,000, amid a new outbreak of coronavirus in the region.

Cruel Summer? Americans won’t be welcome in Europe

EU confirms Americans banned...

Private Jet with USA tourists rejected at Italy’s borders

Passengers on a private jet coming from Colorado US were denied entry to the country at a customs check at Elmas airport in Cagliari, Italy.

It’s Official—Americans Won’t Be Allowed to Travel in Europe When It Reopens

A list of the countries whose citizens will be allowed to travel to Europe starting on July 1 has been released, and it does not include the United States!

Ryanair Boeing-737 flight was seconds before Disaster

A Ryanair flight approaching Bergerac airport in bad weather flew too low for more than 2 minutes and was ordered to 'pull up' by an automated safety system.

Coronavirus in Italy: 100-year-old Man reunited with Wife after 101 days

Italian couple Guido (100) and Maria (93) were separated for 101 days due to covid-19 rules.

Rome Restaurants give Free dinners to Doctors & nurses

Piazza Navona restaurants honor Rome healthcare heroes in the COVID-19 crisis.

California (USA) is rocked by a 5.8R Earthquake

Central California is rocked by a 5.8R earthquake and more than TEN aftershocks triggering a rock slide just two days after a 4.6 quake in the same area.

BREAKING NEWS: Erthquake 7.4R hits Cantral America – Tsunami Warning issued

Southern Mexico was rattled by a powerful earthquake on Tuesday morning that triggered a tsunami alert for Pacific coastlines along with Central America.