Torrentail Rain causes Floods in Tuscany

December begins the same as November, or with bad weather: a new disturbance is affecting TuscanyΒ and, as usual, the Tyrrhenian regions most exposed.

Hallstatt Town in Austria hit by Big Fire

A large fire has damaged part of the idyllic Austrian lakeside town of Hallstatt. Tourists have been warned to steer clear while the cleanup commences.

When will a Mediterranean Tsunami hit Italy?

Lurking beneath the Mediterranean, between Sicily and the Italian mainland, lies a submarine volcano, which is showing telltale signs of being unstable.

❀️ PRAY for ALBANIA πŸ™πŸ™

People whose homes were destroyed in Albania's most powerful earthquake are awaiting news, as rescuers find more bodies and the death toll rises to 40.

Venice Floods again (28/11/2019) – 30% of Venice is Underwater

VENICE has been warned it will suffer further high tides following heavy rainfall which have left 28 percent of the Italian city flooded.

New Strong EARTHQUAKE (5.2R) in the Adriatic Sea

After a peaceful night in the complex, characterized only by moderate physiological shocks, the earth has returned to tremble in Albania and in Italy.

Northern Italy on Flood Alert as River PO rises level

Parts of north-east Italy are on red alert again as another storm send rivers rising.

EUROPE: many Strong EARTHQUAKES in the last Days – What is happening?

The seismic activity in recent days has undoubtedly increased...

Powerfull Earthquake in Albania (6.4R) – At least 10 people Dead

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has hit Albania, bringing down buildings and leaving people trapped under rubble. At least 10 people have died.

Plane Crash in Wales – Huge rescue Operation

A search and rescue operation has been launched after a suspected plane crash off the coast of North Wales.