Rome Christmas Tree arrives in St Peter’s Square

Vatican Christmas tree to face "competition" from Rome's Netflix tree.

136 Sinkholes recorded on Rome Streets in 2018

Rome is experiencing an exponential rise of sinkholes opening up on the streets of the capital, according to the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection.

Violent Storm causes Floods and Chaos in ROME

Flooding in Rome due to the heavy rain that has been affecting the city. There are reports of flooding in different streets of the City.

Road Collapses near Rome swallowing Cars

The collapse of the road occurred due to bad weather: firefighters are now working on the Pontina to identify any missing drivers.

The Truth About the Viral Video Of Plane Spinning in the Air Before Landing

The video being shared is reportedly a combination of two clips

Heavy Snowfall tonight in the Italian Alps (24th November)

Bad weather during the the night in the Center and North of Italy, lots of snow in the Italian Alps and severe rain storms in Tuscany.

Starbucks to open Coffe Shop in Florence, Italy

The American coffee giant expands in Italy...

Lightning Strikes Airplane Flying to Rome, Italy

Panic in the Sky: Alitalia plane was stuck by a lightning in its way Rome!

Venice Flooded again (20/11/2018), photos+VIDEO

High water (Acqua Alta) returns in Venice., Italy...

Tsunami MAP: Risk areas in Italy

ITALY is one of the countries in the Mediterranean most at risk of being hit by “dangerous” tsunamis with waves “higher than one metre”, a new study has revealed.