The USA it is Colder than Mars (-53°C)

The Windy City (Chicago) of USA has been sustaining temperatures colder than most parts of Earth—and, as DNAInfo reports, all of Mars.

❤️ Pray for Italy 🙏 7 dead at helicopter-plane Crash 🙏

Mountain rescuer workers on Saturday recovered the bodies of 2 people, raising the death toll from the collision between a helicopter and Aircraft.

BREAKING NEWS: Airplane and Helicopter crashes on the Italian Alps

A tourist plane and a helicopter have collided over the Rutor glacier in the La Thuile, Aosta Valley in the northwest mountains of Italy!

Snow Cyclone to hit ITALY in the next 24 hours

A "Polar Cyclone"  is in formation in the Tyrrhenian could become a very rare Mediterranean Hurricane in the middle of Winter between Sardinia and Sicily.

Mediterranean hurricane (Medicane) to hit ITALY this Week

A Mediterranean hurricane aims straight at Italy. It is called Medicane. What seemed like a possibility now is a certainty...

Bomb explodes in historic Pizzeria in Naples, Italy

An explosion was reported outside one of Naples' most famous pizzerias early on Wednesday, forcing the popular eatery to close its doors.

Airbnb is going to Pay people to Live like a local for 3 months...

Airbnb is looking to send 4 people on a 3-month trip to Italy, all expenses paid. Lucky travelers will be hosted by locals in the village of Grottole.

2.5 Million people rocked by the Earthquake in Northern Italy

he Quake was of magnitude 4.8R with epicenter between Romagna and Ravenna. The quake occurred at 25.4km deep. The shock was also felt up to Milan.

BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake (4.8R) rocks Northern Italy

The epicenter was in Ravenna, The qauke was felt in Emilia Romagna and Marche...

🙏 PRAY for PARIS ❤️ Gas explosion kills 4 people and injures many others...

Firefighters are tackling a blaze in a business in the centre of Paris after a powerful explosion which injured at least 20 people, police say.