Heatwave with 44°C (112F) expected in Italy

The Ministry of Health issued the level three, or red alert, weather warnings as the heatwave gripping much of Europe peaks in Italy.

Gas explosion in Elba, Italy – 1 person Dead

One person is dead and three others injured following an explosion at a building in Portoferraio, in Elba Island (Italy), early this morning 23/07/2019.

Mount Etna Volcano (Italy) erupts again – 21 June 2019

ROME - Italy's Mount Etna, Europe's biggest live volcano, erupted overnight with lava flows and explosive burps, vulcanologists said Saturday.

New Heatwave with 43°C (110F) expected in Italy

After a short spell of mild weather, Italy's summer of extremes is set to continue with another heatwave expected in the coming days.

Sicily (Italy) rocked by 8 Earthquakes in 12 hours

Earthquake shocks were recorded by the Geophysical Institute of Volcanology with its epicenter in Menfi (Sicily), between last night and this morning

Wildfires devastate Southern Italy

Firefighters battled wildfires on multiple fronts in southern Italy at the weekend, including one blaze in Puglia that left at least one person dead...

Italy Limits Tourist access to Trevi Fountain 😞

Rome traffic police cordoned off the Trevi Fountain for more than two hours on the afternoon of Saturday 13 July due to the excessive amount of tourists!

Mediterranean CYCLONE strikes Italy & Greece

A mediterranean Cyclone - is on course to strike Italy & Greece as parts of the countries are warned of torrential rainfall, hailstorms and intense winds.

ALERT! – Cyclone to STRIKE Italy & Greece during the Weekend

A mediterranean Cyclone - is on course to strike Italy & Greece in the next 24 hours as parts of the country are warned of torrential rainfall and intense winds.

VIDEO: Gigantic Hailstones strikes Italian Cities

Streets and buildings were badly flooded and some 20 people were injured by hailstones “the size of oranges” in the port city of Pescara, Abruzzo...