Heavy rain causes flash floods as Strom Apollo hits Sicily, Italy

At least two people died in Sicily after the rare cyclonic storm battered the Italian island earlier this week, leaving parts of it submerged.

3 people dead as Mediterranean hurricane batters south Italy

Fierce storms battered southern Italy for a second day on Monday, killing at least one person, triggering landslides, and leaving roads and fields flooded

BREAKING NEWS: Alec Baldwin gun fired on Movie set killing a Woman

The incident happened on a set in New Mexico, where Baldwin is playing the lead in a 19th-century western.

BREAKING NEWS: Airplane Crashes near Houston Airport in USA (Video)

Video shows the shocking aftermath of the Houston wreck as 21 passengers emerge unscathed.

Wildfires rage in ITALY.. hotels & villages evacuated

Italian emergency crews ordered hundreds of residents and tourists to leave their residences as wildfires approached Campomarino...

Up to +47 °C in Italy and Greece on Monday

The most intense heatwave of the year is underway across southeastern Europe...

Lake Como towns (Italy) floods after hit by extreme Weather (VIDEO)

Towns around Italy’s Lake Como were hit by mudslides and floods on Tuesday in another example of extreme weather phenomena.

Pray for ITALY 🙏 Fires ravage Sardinia Island, forcing evacuations

Fires raged Sunday on Italy’s Mediterranean island of Sardinia, where nearly 400 people were evacuated overnight. No deaths or injuries have been reported.

Extreme Heatwave (45°C) hits Sicily, Italy

Exceptional heat in Sicily, close to 45 ° C in the Catania area. Heat storms in the Messina area, but the heat will increase

Rain storm cause chaos and Floods in Rome

Weather alert remains in place as parts of the capital still underwater.

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How to say HAPPY NEW YEAR in Italian

You meet Italian friends and would like to wish them Happy New Year in Italian? Watch the follwing Video and listen to the pronunciation...

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