Antico Caffe Greco: The Oldest Coffee bar in Rome

Antico Caffe Greco, the historic bar on Via Dei Condotti near the Spanish Steps, first opened for business in 1760.


Torrone is a very simple nougat candy made from egg whites, honey, nuts (usually almonds) and – in some recipes – cane sugar.

Sweet & Scrumptious Sicilian Cannoli – recipe

Cannoli originated in the Palermo and Messina areas and were historically prepared as a treat during Carnevale. They're served year-round, across the world.

CHIACCHIERE: Italian Carnival Ribbon Cookies

Chiacchiere, β€œlittle gossips”, are thin fried pastries common in Italy during Carnevale.

This Italian Donkey Becomes Viral :-)

In Cagnano Varano, in the Foggiano area in Italy, the owner arrived in the City on his donkey.

Spinach Soup with Sausage Meatballs & Orzo Pasta

Spinach Soup with Sausage Meatballs and Orzo Pasta... the delicious ultimate comfort Italian food for the chilly months of the year.

Happy Birthday Sophia Loren πŸŽ‚ Buon Compleanno Sofia!

What a woman! The last surviving stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Lemon Ricotta Ring Cookies – recipe

These cookies are extremely soft to the bite. They also have a very cake like texture which are sure to appeal to all you die hard cookie fans!

The Fairytale Loreto Island (Lake Iseo) in Italy

Located on Lake Iseo in northern Italy, a small private island Loreto is famous for its castle. A monastery, built here the end of the 5th century!

Lemon Pound Cake – This Cake Is Like A Dream!

The perfect and delicious summer time Italian Cake, this dessert isn't too heavy and is great for a breezy evening on your front porch!