Humans Stay at Home! The Dolphins are Playing In the empty Venice Canals

Because the famous canals of Venice, Italy is suddenly empty of humans, the dolphins have taken this as an opportunity to frolic like there’s no tomorrow.

Three old Women move Together as they Don’t Want to Isolate alone during Coronavirus...

Three lifelong mates from the north of England, Doreen, Dotty, and Carol, think it would be more fun if they quarantined themselves together!

13 Italian doctors Die fighting Coronavirus (RIP)

Five new Italian doctors have died from coronavirus, taking the death toll among medics up to 13 people.

Italian Doctors and Nurses ‘performing Miracles’

World Health Organization praises 'incredible strength and courage' of Italy's healthcare workers.

Military Trucks take coffins out of Bergamo, Italy

A column of military vehicles crossed the heart of Bergamo last night, from the monumental cemetery to the highway.

‘Learn from our Mistakes’: Italians asks from other Countries to take Coronavirus risks seriously

As in other countries, some people in Italy downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus when it was first detected in the country.

Fitness instructor gives Class from Terrace during Coronavirus lockdown, Neighbours Join him from Balconies

Residents of an apartment complex in Spain have been seen working out in unison from their windows during a workout class held from the terrace!

Swans & Dolphins return to Italy, as Air & water quality Clears during Lockdown

Since people are socially distancing themselves to avoid the virus from spreading, a lot of them are also losing business with every passing minute.

Coronavirus devastates Bergamo (Italy) – ‘This is like a War’

In an Italian city, obituaries fill the newspaper, but survivors mourn alone...