The Italian 16th century Hobbit Town

Located in the Itria Valley and UNESCO Site, the historical limestone constructions, better known as trulli, represent a milestone in the Apulian architecture.

Italian Grandmother (aged 115) is the oldest living person in Europe

Italy’s nona Giuseppina Projetto, aged 115, has taken the title of Europe’s oldest living person after the death of a 116-year-old Spaniard.

How to Say “Merry Christmas” in Italian

Buon Natale is the most direct way of saying Merry Christmas in Italian, but there are other ways to wish happy holidays. Here are some examples...

Learn Italian while you Sleep ~ Top 100 Basic Phrases

Easily learn 100 phrases using advanced binaural beats specifically meant for sleep learning. Learn Italian language for beginners or any level.

American exchange Students in Italy start Fire by Cooking Pasta without Water

There are many cooking failures, and then there are other cooking failures so bad that you piss off the entire country of Italy and its people.

2,000-year-Old marble of God Dionysus discovered in Italy

The white marble head unearthed during excavations at the Roman Forum  is believed to represent a male deity, most likely Dionysus, according archaeologists.

Delicious Tiramisu Recipe from Italy (Lady fingers)

What dessert could ever beat this Tiramisu recipel? In English the name means pick-me-up and that is exactly what this delicious treat will do...

Ferrero will Pay you to Move to Italy and Taste Nutella

Tag a friend who will love this job... 😂

Italy passes a new Law to encourage all Restaurants & Supermarkets to give unsold...

The Italian government has overwhelmingly backed a new set of laws aimed at cutting down the vast amounts of food wasted in the country each year.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Italy

Some of the most beautiful sights in Italy are actually its cities! From Naples to Perugia, Rome to Florence, here are 10 of the most beautiful cities in Italy.