Top 6 Tips Why the Italians Don’t Get Fat

How the people in Italy manage to enjoy delicious foods, still maintain healthy weights. Here ae some tips and secrets, why Italians don’t get fat:

Top 7 Amazing Museums in Italy

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In a city so used to flooding, life doesn't stop when the water's knee-deep.

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Starbucks to open Coffe Shop in Florence, Italy

The American coffee giant expands in Italy...

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Coronavirus pandemic begins to Slow Down in Italy

The number of daily coronavirus infections falls to 4,050 – its lowest in two weeks – as the country's epidemic should soon stabilize.

IN PHOTOS: Venice Carnival 2019 just begun

This year's Venice Carnival kicked off in typically extravagant style over the weekend, as thousands of visitors to the lagoon city joined locals in the annual festival.

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Italy Food Map (10 pics) – Italian Cuisine by Cities

Here's an handy Italian Food Map to not get lost in the infinite amount of culinary culture of the Bel Paese. Typical food from the main cities of Italy!

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