Italian Lemon Drop Cake! 🍋

Lemon Drop Cake is easy to make but is for serious lemon lovers! Lemon cake mix poked with lemon sauce and topped with whipped lemon frosting.

George Clooney injured in Motorbike crash in Italy

Hollywood star George Clooney was taken to hospital after suffering minor injuries in a collision involving his motorbike and a Car in Sardinia.

Andrea Bocelli & Helene Fischer – When I Fall in Love (VIDEO)

Music video by Andrea Bocelli, Helene Fischer performing When I Fall In Love. Under exclusive license to Universal International Music B.V.

Study Finds People Who Swear are More Honest

For those who are frequently told off for littering their vocabulary with swear words, perhaps a new defense might work: “I was just being honest.”.

Want To Live In Italy? This City Will Pay You To Move There

This is how mayor Galliano is trying to bolster the population of his Town!

Earthquake (4.2 magnitube) hits Calabria, Italy

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit the southern Italian region of Calabria, the “toe” of south Italy’s boot, at 7.24am local time Friday morning.

Join Andrea Bocelli & family at their Vineyard in Tuscany

It’s your LAST CHANCE to win a dream VIP experience! You could join for free, Andrea Bocelli at his vineyard in Tuscany, Italy!

10 Most Dangerous Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is known for its stunning landscapes and rich history, but some places pose unique dangers for adventurous travelers.

10 Beautiful Women that Look Gorgeous in their Uniforms

We salute these women for having such bad-ass personalities on duty as well as at home.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ancient Rome

Discover intriguing facts about Ancient Rome, from their advanced engineering to their bizarre fashion trends.

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Top 10 Clearest Waters Beaches in The World

ou don't need a crystal ball to tell you where your next vacation will be when you have these clear water beaches waiting for you...

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