Americans will Need a Visa to Visit Europe starting in 2021 — Here’s what...

Travel to Europe won’t be so easy come 2021.

The Famous Canals of Venice without Water

Mother Nature is dependent upon her typical and unforgiving ways by and by, and one of Europe's most grand urban communities is paying the cost.

Venice and Naples could be under Water by 2100

Venice and Naples are among the Italian cities that could be wiped out by coastal erosion and rising sea levels by 2100, UNESCO says in a new study

HEATWAVE (30°C) to hit Italy in the middle of October

ITALY is set to sizzle under a freak Autumn heatwave with temperatures rising above 28C (80F) as an “intense disturbance” barreling in from the Atlantic!

How safe is to Travel in 2019?… Map reveals most DANGEROUS Places in Europe

APRIL is a popular time to book holidays for summer but a spate of terror attacks across Europe & Mediterranean has put travellers on edge.

San Gimignano: The Italian Town of fine Towers

San Gimignano is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany, north-central Italy. Known as the Town of its Fine Towers...

10 Most Incredible Plane Landings

In this video, we are going to show you the 10 most extreme landings that fortunately ended well. Are you ready to fly at thousands of feet above the earth?

Rome Airport ranked as 2nd Worst Airport in World 😮

Rome's second airport, Ciampino, which was listed among the five worst airports in the world, coming in second place after Casablanca in Morocco.

Top 7 Most Amazing Festivals in Italy

We’ve compiled the definitive list of the best festivals in Italy in 2018 to align with your next adventure and help guide your travel planning!

Villa Carlotta: The most Romantic Garden in Italy

Around Lake Como it’s possible to visit quite a few gorgeous villas, so it might be difficult to choose where to go. So let’s just slim it down!