Italian Christmas Sweets: Struffoli from Naples

One of the most characteristic Christmas sweets of Italy!

Top 8 Strangest Places in The World

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Mount Etna ERUPTION: Watch LAVA explosions of the Italian Volcano

MOUNT Etna, the active volcano in Sicily, Italy, has been erupting since Monday petrifying a group of mountaineers climbing the 11 feet volcano.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin take their newborn Twins on their first Trip to...

We are sure that Ella & Alexander are going to love Lake Como!

10 Most Beautiful Medieval Castles in Italy

Italy is a country with magic powers: it has the ability to transport its visitors to fairytale places. Let's see the most magical castles of the country!

Italy: Florence tourists will be FINED with 500€ if they will Snack in the...

From Tuesday, snacking is banned on some of Florence's most-trodden streets!

Gerard Butler enjoys Life in Italy

“When in Rome, be a Roman”, they say. But Gerard Butler does not believe in this. He behaves in the same way he would do in Brooklyn!

Ornella Muti Turned 60 years Old – See the Italian Actress changing looks through...

Ornella Muti is a legend of the world cinema, talented actress, outstanding personality and a very beautiful woman. The Italian actress was born in 1955!

Tiramisu al Limone (Limoncello Tiramisu) – Recipe

Limoncello Tiramisu is made with such delicious and refreshing flavors including raspberry, lemon, and mint. Enjoy this delicious recipe (Video) <3

The Map of Italy’s famous Pasta Dishes

The map includes photos of each dish, making for simple with the menu and ensuring there are no surprises once your dinner is delivered.