Top 8 Things about Spanish Steps in Rome

The Spanish steps are one of Rome's most popular tourist sites and attractions. But how much do you know about the famous landmark?

Weather in Italy (meteo) – Month by Month

The weather is a great parameter for visiting a country. Italy is a great destination because of its great climate. Let us read more about it, though!

Livigno (ITALY) covered by Snow (magic photos)

Bad weather, truly exceptional snow accumulations in Livigno: a thick white layer gives the landscape a fairytale look.

Nonna’s Limoncello and Ricotta Almond Cake (Gluten-Free)

One of my favorite combinations. Light, tangy, smooth and simple. Double boom.

Emilia Romagna (Italy) – a Food Lover’s Paradise

Emilia Romagna, is one of the most beautiful regions in northern Italy that is considered by most people to be the food capital of the World!

Top 8 beautiful Small Towns in Italy

Already done Rome, Florence, and Venice? Discover the soul of Italy in these secret Italian Towns and villages that haven't yet been discovered by crowds.

UFO Lights Spotted in northern Italy?😲

A TRAIL of strange and "very disturbing" UFO-like lights have been spotted in northern Italy.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Medieval Towns in Italy

Italy is a museum of its own. With countless archaeological places and historic heritage Italy is a place that a lifetime won't be enough to explore it all...

Mount Etna in Italy might Collapse into the Mediterranean and Cause a Catastrophic Tsunami

EUROPE'S most active and dangeous Volcano, (Etna, Italy) is sliding into the sea and could collapse completely with devastating consequences...

Italian Olive Oil among the healthiest Foods in the World

Italian olive oil benefits age! Of all countries, people from Italy are amongst the longest lived.  The average Italian women live to is 83; for a man to 77.

Welcome to Italy

Top 6 Italian Drinks Ordered by Real Italians

Most Italian people like to linger at the table, both during and after a meal. Dessert is leisurely and often served with some nice After-Dinner Drinks.

Best of Italy

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