Family is a life-long relationship, often times the longest one we have throughout our lives. Family has an immense impact on who we grow up to be in life.

Above all, family is always that one special place where we can feel loved and safe from the sometimes terrifying world. This is the kind of example that Damian Pighin and Ariel Vijarra are now showing to the world.
They are the first openly gay couple to be married in Santa Fe, Argentina, and currently the parents of two adopted young girls, Olivia and Victoria. Both Ariel and Damien work for an NGO that helps couples adopt unwanted children.

Damien & Ariel took Olivia into their family when she was less than a month old.
After being rejected by 10 families because she was born with HIV, the couple received a phone call and were offered the chance to adopt her. They had been waiting about three years for this call.

The two gents had absolutely no doubts about this. As soon as they were able to hold and feed her without her even letting out a single cry, Damien and Ariel understood that there is a special connection.

Olivia began treatment right away, showing positive results almost immediately. Soon, the parents received good news—tests showed that the virus was no longer detectable in her body. Since then, the couple has adopted a second girl named Victoria. The two young ladies are of similar age, turning 5 this year.

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