Trevi Fountain in Rome dyed in Red Color

Police have arrested a man for dyeing the Trevi Fountain (fontana di Trevi), the 2nd time in ten years that Rome's iconic water feature has run red.

The Italian Olive Tree that produces Pearly-White Olives

Leucocarpa, also called as Leucolea. This is an Olives variety characterized by small fruits which, during ripening, take on an ivory-white color.

Inside Italy’s first Starbucks (Milan Roastery), The Most Beautiful Starbucks in The World

Starbucks claims its Italian Milan branch, which opens to the public this week, is "the world's most beautiful". So what does it look like?

Learn Italian while you Sleep ~ Top 100 Basic Phrases

Easily learn 100 phrases using advanced binaural beats specifically meant for sleep learning. Learn Italian language for beginners or any level.

12 Incredible Pictures of Italy in Snow

Look through this gallery to see beautiful pictures of Italy’s famous sights!

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Top 8 Most Beautiful Places in Puglia, Italy

Eight beautiful Towns and villages to visit in Puglia in southern Italy including Lecce, Ostuni, Alberobello, Otranto and off-the-beaten-track gems...

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