Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Italy

Whether you want the Neapolitan pizza once savoured by Julia Roberts or simple rustic cooking, our readers have travelled all over Italy ...

Italy doesn’t Plan to close borders to Tourists in 2020

Italy will not be closed off to tourists this year. ➡️

Sophia Loren returns in New Movie by her Son

Oscar-winning actress Sophia Loren is back in front of the camera for her first feature film in a decade, directed by her son Edoardo Ponti...

Top 12 Must-Experience Festivals of Italy

Italy has a range of interesting festivals, evens and local celebrations, and there's bound to be something interesting happening every month of the year!

Heatwave with 35°C sweeps across Italy in September

Italy’s hot summer is coming to an end, but not before a final hot Weekend.

Major Discovery at Pompeii (Italy) – Fresco of Gladiators revealed

Italy's culture minister hails "unprecedented discovery" in Pompeii.

10 Quiet & Beautiful Places to Retire in Italy

Summary: Italy's villages and cities appeal to retirees for many different reasons - the beautiful beaches, breathtaking countryside, amazing ...

Italian People Live the Longest in The World

Did you know the oldest living person is Italian and that the number of ... has long been touted as having one of the oldest populations in the World...

Rigatoni Pasta with Artichokes, Olives & Herbs

An easy pasta dish that calls for one of Greece’s iconic products, the Kalamata olives…perfect for Lent, vegans, and a quick mid-week meal...

Coronavirus patients lying on the Floor of a hospital (VIDEO+photos)

Footage from a hospital in Spain shows the desperate situation in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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