The 5 Secrets to Why Italians Live So Long

So what is the secret behind this long life? We break it down below.

Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup is made with delicious pork and beef meatballs, onions, carrots, celery, garlic, spinach and pasta in a deliciously seasoned broth.

Authentic Italian Struffoli – Recipe

What Italian doesn't love Struffoli!? Struffoli is a traditional and delicious Neapolitan dessert consisting of deep-fried balls of dough.

Sophia Loren in Dolce & Gabbana lipstick Campaign

Beauty icon Sophia Loren has her very own lip color thanks to a recent tribute from DOLCE & GABBANA called, Sophia Loren N°1.

Top 8 Beautiful Italian villages for Christmas

Here are some of the prettiest towns to visit this season.

Legoland Water Park to Open in Italy next Summer

If splashing about and looking at Lego sounds like your idea of a fantastic holiday, then you might want to head to Lake Garda in Italy next summer!

10 Photos with Father & Daughter That’ll Melt Your Heart

These candid photos will melt your heart and provide great inspiration for your next family photo session.

10 Quiet & Beautiful Places to Retire in Italy

Summary: Italy's villages and cities appeal to retirees for many different reasons - the beautiful beaches, breathtaking countryside, amazing ...

This is when Venice will become an Underwater City

It has been said for many years that Venice City (Venezia) in Italy is sinking, but a new scientists study suggests it could be as soon as 2100.

Top 8 Places In Italy to Visit Before you Die

Planning a visit to Italy can be very daunting so we've created a list of best of the best, can't-miss, must see places to visit them before you die!

Welcome to Italy

15 Reasons why Italy is Best Country in the World

Italy (Italia) is definitely a piece of art. This amazing & beautiful country combines the rich history with the glamorous atmosphere in a unique way.

Best of Italy

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