Emirates launches 10-minute Coronavirus test for passengers

Emirates launches the first rapid pre-boarding coronavirus test for fliers, with results available in just 10 MINUTES.

ITALY: many Strong EARTHQUAKES in the last Days – What is happening?

Earthquake shook all over Italy in a few hours after the strong earthquake of two weeks ago in Albania: the latest updates!

VIDEO: Guilty Dog Asks Italian Owner for forgiveness 😄

Ettore the Labrador is clearly filled with guilt and desperate to win over her owner. Watch as the two take part in one of the cutest interactions you'll ever see!

10 Most Beautiful Medieval Castles in Italy

Italy is a country with magic powers: it has the ability to transport its visitors to fairytale places. Let's see the most magical castles of the country!

VIDEO: See the latest eruptions at Mount Etna (Italy) Europe’s most Dangerous Volcano

A 'new eruptive episode' started on Wednesday (15th March) morning at Sicily's Mount Etna in Italy, volcanologists said. See the amazing Video here!

Cassata Siciliana (Sicilian Cake)

The Cassata Siciliana is the most iconic Sicilian cake, an elaborate dessert made with sponge cake (called “pan di Spagna” in Italian).

Bad Weather (Cyclone) to STRIKE south Italy & Greece tomorrow – 10/12/2019

A Mediterranean Cyclone - is on course to strike Italy & Greece in the next 24 hours as parts of the country are warned of torrential rainfall and intense winds.

Via Dei Coronari in Rome voted Most Beautiful Street in the World

This cobbled Renaissance street lined with antique shops, boutiques and costume jewelers is a lovely place for a stroll.

Schiacciata-FlatBread with Olives, Rosemary & Cheese

It is a Sicilian Street Food delicacy, a simple, ancient, and cheap but great taste.

Limoncello Sponge Cake 🍋🍰

A sponge cake recipe that everyone will love ❤️

Welcome to Italy

Top 10 Most Beautiful Old Cities in Europe

Europe is the oldest continent with many medieval cities & villages, which the travelers should not miss. Let us check the best of them!

Best of Italy

Top 10 List