The tiny Italian town of Candela was bustling in the 1990s. The cute area may have only had 8,000 people living there, but there was still a lot going on.

Now, there are fewer than 3,000 people living in Candela.
Underpopulation is affecting the Italian City and the mayor is trying to encourage people to move. Candela is located in the province of Foggia.
It’s filled with gorgeous sunflowers, rolling hills, and stunning buildings.The town, which is about 80 miles away from Naples, actually used to be known as “mini Naples” in the 1960s, but it has since been forgotten about.
Mayor says he has a plan to get more people to move to Candela: pay them.

That’s right, Candela’s mayor is offering 2,000 euros (up to $2,300) just to move to his gorgeous town. So if you’ve ever wanted to move to a tiny Italian city and just get away from the stress of everyday life, now’s your chance!