Carnival in Sardinia is not a common event and it’s strongly felt by Sardinian People. Masks, freaky disguises, dance and songs characterize celebrations.

Villages deeply change; black and white become the colors of Carnival remembering the ancient origins of mysterious rituals. Grotesque farce, satirical theatre, paradox plays are the features of this event that you have to live in person.
People who take part in the Sardinian Carnival get involved in every celebration and actors and spectators are mixed up together. Fava beans and lard, fritters and wine are the guaranteed fellow travellers of this unbelievable trip.
Sardinian Carnival starts with S.Antonio Abate’s celebration and it ends on Ash Wednesday. Celebrations are held on Shrove Tuesday and Last Thursday before Lent.In the North Sardinia the most striking Carnival celebrations are held in Tempio Pausania where King Giorgio is the undisputed hero, and the Carnival in Olbia.
Leading role in the Carnival of Bosa and in other Sardinian villages is given to rag puppets that are bought to trial and then burnt at the stake.

You cannot miss Carnival in Barbagia (Mamoiada and other places) and its ghostly masks, rituals and characters who look like Fellini’s films whereas equestrian exhibitions characterize the Carnival of Oristano area.