The Scariest Bridge in Japan

According to many people, this 90 feet monstrosity is one of the scariest bridges.

Just imagine driving a car down this bridge – at that angle (which could be over 45 degrees), there is no way you could see the asphalt below you.

The Rolling Bridge in the UK

Here is a photo of a crazy bridge that could only be built in the UK – the “Rolling Bridge.” When a person needs to use the bridge, it rolls over the Grand Union Canal.

Once done, the bridge roles back and makes the path clear for boats to pass through.

The Helix Bridge in Singapore

This could very easily be one of the coolest bridges in today’s featured lineup. Just look at the form, structure, and lighting of this thing. It looks especially cool at night.

The Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai

Some say that if you look at the Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai for long enough – you will get dizzy. Just look at how twisty and repeating the bridge and its traffic lanes are.

The Sundial Bridge

The Sundial Bridge is a pedestrian-only bridge, which crosses the Sacramento River in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. It was designed by a Spanish architect, and its design is rather unique – it is the only bridge of its kind in the world.

The Pont Gustave-Flaubert Bridge

This bridge has a pretty smart mechanism when a tall ship needs to pass underneath it. Instead of separating down the middle like regular bridges do, this bridge lifts up its entire midsection, so that ships can pass underneath it at any poin.

The “Da Vinci” Bridge

This bridge is called after Leonardo Da Vinci, because the Italian artist had made actual drawings of it, but never managed to complete it. That’s why Norwegian artist Vebjørn Sand managed to complete the bridge in his native Norway back in 2011.

Aiguille du Midi Bridge (France)

All the way up in the Alps, this bridge may be short compared to others on this list, but it more than makes up for it through its ability to induce bouts of vertigo.

Mount Titlis Bridge (Switzerland)

Floating in the sky nearly 3,000 meters above the ground, this is certainly not a bridge for a person with a fear of heights to cross.

Royal Gorge Bridge (Colorado)

Once the highest-up bridge in America and in the whole world, this thing is still high up enough to keep most from crossing it…