Map shows “Merry Christmas” in many languages

A popular map showing how to wish people a “Merry Christmas” in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek and many other European languages....

The Christmas Lights Festival in Alberobello, Italy

The most important nativity scene performance in Puglia, Italy, during the Christmas is the one in Alberobello that goes back to the 1970 ...

The Chocolate Chip Cannoli – recipe

Cannoli are part of Sicily’s ancient tradition of pastry and dessert making.

Rome Christmas Tree ranked the BEST in the World

Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi will turn on the lights of the city's Christmas tree, sponsored by Netflix, in Piazza Venezia tonight (8th December 2018).

The largest Christmas Tree (750m) in the World is in Italy

With height of 750 meters (!), included in the Guinness Book of Records, sparkles every year in the Italian medieval town of Gubbio in Umbria region.

Magical Christmas in ITALY, (10 photos+VIDEO)

Wondering about Christmas traditions in Italy? Here's what to know about Christmas in Italy, including presepi, the Befana, and more!

Pietrasanta: The Italian City with the Floating Umbrellas

Last summer (2017) more than one thousand of colored, lively, flying umbrella colors the sky over the art town of Pietrasanta in Tuscany, Italy.

The Best Italian MEAT RAVIOLI – recipe

This dish is regarded as a ‘luxury meal’, eaten on special occasions, as ravioli were invented as a way of using up leftovers that would end up in the filling.

Italy MUST be ready for HUGE Supervolcano eruption

ITALIAN people must have evacuation plans in place for the eruption of a massive underground volcano in southern Italy warned volcanic hazard expert...

From now on in Italy, you’re Old only after 75

Only over-75s should be considered 'elderly' in Italy, according to researchers, who say Italian seniors remain active for longer than othe Countries.