The ultimate holiday cheese ball recipe! Full of sun dried tomatoes, red bell peppers, chives and seasonings on the inside. It’s the OUTSIDE is where it gets serious with antipasto Christmas tree decorations!

Serve it on a platter with cold meats such as salami and prosciutto, PLUS crackers! What better way to kick off your festivities than with an edible Christmas tree? A fully loaded cheese ball tree filled with your favourite antipasti ingredients.Packaged cream cheese will work here, as in full fat or low fat. I don’t suggest using spreadable cream cheese as it may collapse before serving, while packaged cream cheese hardens back up in the refrigerator after shaping.
Make sure your cream cheese is easy to work with and softened to help mix the other ingredients through it properly. Take it out of the refrigerator at least half an hour before starting the dip for easier mixing.To mould the tree out, you’ll need to place a piece of plastic wrap down on your bench top first, then scoop out the prepared dip onto the plastic wrap.

Place another piece of plastic wrap over it to cover it and mould it with your hands until it forms a tree. Depending on the width of your plastic wrap, you may need a second piece to completely cover it so you don’t get dip all over your hands.
The cream cheese is more stable in a wider tree shape rather than a tall, thin tree. The taller tree folds over and collapses. If you find your cream cheese has softened too much and won’t hold its shape, refrigerate it until it thickens again.

After you’ve moulded it, use a cake spatula or knife to smooth it out.

Then cover it completely wth antipasto ingredients! THEN, for added flavour, brush over the olives with some sun dried tomato oil from the jar! YUM!