This time of the year is the most festive one throughout the entire year, but it is not that joyful if you have to spend it outside.

The cold weather is not friendly to stray dogs, so it is very important to remember this while enjoying the comfort and warmth of your home.
A few stray dogs were not forgotten by the employees at the Barreirinha bus terminal in Curitiba, Brazil, who, about two years ago, were kind enough to provide them with shelter, food, and water. They made beds for the three dogs, named Max, Zoinho, and Pitoco, out of old tires covered in blankets.
Stray dogs are a growing problem, and apart from issues linked to a lack of space and funds in shelters, dogs are also at an increased risk of infections and diseases.
Therefore, we should all do our best to somehow reduce the number of dogs on our streets. Adopting a dog is an act of virtue, but if you do not have the necessary conditions to take one at home, you can consider fostering.