Rome makes biggest Pizza Party in the World

Pizza Days festival enters record books in Rome.

Earthquake (4.5 magnitube) rocks South Italy

There were reports of a powerful earthquake in South Italy (Calabria) on Mobday (06h01), with witnesses saying it was felt in several Cities of Southern Italy.

The first Snow has fallen on the Italian Mountains 😲

Bad weather with Cold and Snow in Northern Italy!

Bad Weather (Cyclone) to STRIKE Italy this Weekend

A mediterranean Cyclone - is on course to strike Italy in the weekend as parts of the country are warned of torrential rainfall and intense levels of rain1

Vespas to be Banned from Genoa, Italy

Genoa City in Italy, the birthplace of the iconic Vespa scooter, is introducing a ban on older models in an attempt to tackle pollution.

Peaches & Wine (Pesche con Vino) – Italian recipe

Peaches and Wine... a delight of Summer!

Italian 108-Year-Old Barbe in New York has No plans to Retire :-)

The Italian Anthony Mancinelli is a WWII-era veteran and a family man, and he just so happens to be the oldest barber in the World...

Italian Sandwich with Broccoli rabe, Mozza & Sun dried Tomatoes

The ultimate Italian sandwich... or Hero :-)

Top 10 hottest Italian Men 👅 💦

After Italian men were ranked the most desireable of European countries, We take a look at the hottest this beautiful country has to offer!

Man throws Candelabra off St Peter’s Basilica, Rome

A man was arrested by Vatican gendarmes for throwing a candelabra off the main altar in St Peter's Basilica on the morning of 4 September.