1 million ‘THANK YOU’ for our Health Worker heroes (Doctors & nurses) who fight Coronavirus 24 hours

From the bottom of our hearts, letโ€™s send 1 million "THANK YOUs" to the doctors and nurses who risk their lives for us every day!

Bono writes new Song dedicated to ITALY during Coronavirus lockdown

Bono pens St Patrick's Day song inspired by Italians in lockdown.

95-years-old Italian Grandma recovers from Coronavirus

Some good news has emerged from the fight against Covid-19 in the country with the highest death toll as a Modena 95-year-old makes a 'full recovery'!

โค๏ธ Pray for Bergamo ๐Ÿ™ Army Trucks takes coffins as Coronavirus devistates the City ๐Ÿ™

Video shows Italian army trucks transporting coffins from Italy's worst-hit city to remote cremation sites because morgues can't cope with more coronavirus deaths!

Italian Radio stations unite to play National Anthem

Italians invited to tune in and play it loud on Friday morning.

Humans Stay at Home! The Dolphins are Playing In the empty Venice Canals

Because the famous canals of Venice, Italy is suddenly empty of humans, the dolphins have taken this as an opportunity to frolic like thereโ€™s no tomorrow.

Italian Doctors and Nurses ‘performing Miracles’

World Health Organization praises 'incredible strength and courage' of Italy's healthcare workers.

Fitness instructor gives Class from Terrace during Coronavirus lockdown, Neighbours Join him from Balconies

Residents of an apartment complex in Spain have been seen working out in unison from their windows during a workout class held from the terrace!

Swans & Dolphins return to Italy, as Air & water quality Clears during Lockdown

Since people are socially distancing themselves to avoid the virus from spreading, a lot of them are also losing business with every passing minute.