Sporcamuss Italian Cream Filled Pastries

Sporcamuss, a delicious flakey Pastry filled with a tasty Italian Cream then dusted with Icing Sugar. A fast and easy Dessert everyone will love.

Why Italy gets So many Earthquakes?

The only part of Italy without significant seismic risk is the island of Sardinia!

When will a Mediterranean Tsunami hit Italy?

Lurking beneath the Mediterranean, between Sicily and the Italian mainland, lies a submarine volcano, which is showing telltale signs of being unstable.

Fig and Almond Cookies – Christmas Recipe

With citrus from fresh orange juice and lemon zest, the unique and richly spiced filling is wrapped inside a buttery sugar cookie dough that’s a dream to work with.

Italian Lemon Drop Cookies

Lemon drop cookies, whatever your family calls them you’ll be sure to find these traditional Italian cookies at many special occasions and holiday cookie trays.

Christmas & New Year (2020) in Rome, Italy

How to celebrate the Christmas and New Year festive season in Rome.

Venice Floods again (28/11/2019) – 30% of Venice is Underwater

VENICE has been warned it will suffer further high tides following heavy rainfall which have left 28 percent of the Italian city flooded.

Homemade Cream Horns – Recipe

A cream horn — a flaky pastry shaped like a horn and filled with rich cream!

Gubbio: World’s largest Christmas Tree in Italy

Gubbio lights up a mountain-side Christmas tree each year.

Cyclone in action in Italy (24/11/2019) – Extreme Bad Weather with storms on Sicily, Calabria & Puglia

Severe bad weather with storms on Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia, then central Adriatic regions. Still widespread rainfall in the North