Swimming Tourists damaged a 17-Century Fountain in Rome

Nobody knows the exact date but it is believed the Baroque monument was damaged during the summer.

This is how Italians in Venice said Goodbye to 2020… (photos inside)

A few days before the end of 2020, some Venetians hung a banner over the edge of the Rialto Bridge to say goodbye to a difficult year.

First Snowfall in Milan, 28/12/2020 – (see photos)

Wintry weather has arrived in many parts of northern Italy on Monday, with snow in Milan, Turin, Genoa, and other areas.

10 of the Most Stunning Borders in the World

International borders are some of the most interesting man made locations on the planet, and many have some incredibly stunning views, take a look!

Top 10 Most Beautiful Bookstores in The World

Feed your inner bookworm with these magnificent bookshops!

7 Secret Italian UNESCO World Heritage Towns

From the awe-inspiring Dolomites to the fairy-tale village of Alberobello, discover Italy’s road less traveled.

10 Of the Best Beaches in Europe for 2021

To make you fall in love with it all over again, we've rounded up the best beaches in Europe.

Ancient ‘Fast food Bar’ discovered in Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii will open up a newly unearthed thermopolium at Easter!

Lonely man (94) in Italy calls Police to help him raise a toast on Christmas Day

"I have everything, the only thing I'm missing is a person to help me exchange Christmas greetings."

Top 6 Italian Christmas Expressions

Christmas is finally almost here! Wherever you are celebrating this year, you may be interested in reading these popular Italian sayings about Christmas.

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Rome Celebrates its 2,773rd Birthday

The beautiful capital of Italy celebrates its 2,773rd birthday in 2019, with events also taking place on the days either side of the anniversary.

Best of Italy

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