Top 10 Highlights to visit in Beautiful Italy

Wondering what are the top must-see places in Italy? With wine vineyards and quaint seaside villages, these are Italy's 10 must-visit destinations!

For $1, or less than a Pizza slice, you can Buy a house in Italy

A semi-abandoned town in Italy is selling homes for just over $1 in hopes of luring foreigners to renovate the properties and revive its local economy.

Stuffed Italian Artichokes – recipe alla Siciliana

A delicious and tasty appetizer...

Weather in Italy (meteo) – Month by Month

The weather is a great parameter for visiting a country. Italy is a great destination because of its great climate. Let us read more about it, though!

The Masks of Venice: What are they? …and why do people wear them?

The masks of Venice are a centuries old tradition & have been worn throughout history. Today you will find people wearing them during Venice carnival..

10+(pics)… Italian Cities Before and After an Earthquake: Heartbreaking photos show destroyed Towns In Italy

Italy lost many treasures and monuments in the earthquake. Using Google Street View, we can see the devastation caused by an Earhtquake!

Get Paid to Live like a Local this Summer (2019) in this beautiful village in Southern Italy

Airbnb is looking to send 4 people on a 3-month trip to south Italy, all expenses paid. Lucky travelers will be hosted by locals in the village of Grottole.

This Gorgeous Town in Sicily is selling Houses for $1

According to CNN, Sambuca, an idyllic town in Sicily, Italy, is selling off dozens of old homes for the mere pittance of €1, just over $1 USD...

Vesuvius Supervolcano in Italy could Explode ‘anytime’ and cause a New Pompeii

1.5million people have been warned they are now living in the danger zone of a super volcano which could go off anytime -causing a global catastrophe.

6 Reasons why you Should visit Italy in 2019

Well, in case you need any reasons to travel to Italy in 2019, let me tell you that this is going to be a special year to find yourself here.