Mother’s increadible ’10 minute’ recipe for the World’s best Cheesecake

Home cooks can make a professional-standard dessert in their own kitchens by using chef Stephanie Alexander's recipe for the 'best-ever' cheesecake.

Adorable Italian Zonkey is Half Donkey, Half Zebra

Four months ago, an adorable half-zebra, half-donkey was born in Italy.

Tourists fined $790 for Swimming in Venice Grand Canal

Two foreign tourists, believed to be German, have been filmed swimming down the Grand Canal in Venice, causing outrage in the lagoon city.

9 Safest Destinations to visit in Europe in 2020

Many European countries are opening their borders again!

Sardinia & Puglia (Italy) have the Cleanest Beaches (99.7%) in the Mediterranean

Over 5,400 km of Italian coastal waters have got the top mark of "excellent" in the annual survey for 2020 of the National Environment Protection System.

Taralluci al Limone 😍 🍋

Tarallucci al Limone are Italian lemon knot cookies and extremely easy to make. These soft to the bite cookies are dipped in a luscious lemon glaze.

Tomato Sandwich recipe from Italy 🍅

Soft Italian bread with a garlic Parmesan cream cheese spread. These mini Italian tomato sandwiches with fresh parsley make a great appetizer or lunch.

Villa Gregoriana: The Waterfalls of Rome

a beautiful natural park about an hour from Rome!

Giant hailstorm hits Lombardy, Italy – 2/6/2020

Heavy thunderstorms, as expected, developed during the afternoon in the Alpine and pre-Alpine sectors, mainly affecting Lombardy.

Italian Boy, 18, gets new lungs after COVID-19 ‘burned’ his

An 18-year-old Italian boy had a successful lung transplant after both of them were 'burned' by COVID-19, leaving him in a life-threatening condition!