The Colosseum is an elliptical building 189 meters long and 156 meters wide, covering an area of 24,000 square meters with a height of over 48 meters.

It has about 80 inputs and could accommodate 50 thousand spectators.


Were build it a little more than five years: from 75 to 80 AD.

The name

Originally known as the Flavian Amphitheater (built by Vespasian and Titus of Flavian dynasty). The name “Colosseum” has arrived just in the Middle Ages: probably because it’s near the statue of the “giant” of Nero.

The legend was once a pagan temple, where he worshiped the devil. And at the end of each ceremony, the priests asked the followers, “Colis Eum?” (“Do you love him?”).

It Has 80 Entries Including A Death Gate!

To host over 50,000 spectators, it was imperative to have an intricate system of exits and entries. As many as seventy-six gates opened into the seating area, with each entry for plebs (citizens) requiring a token for entry. The vaulted passageways made it easy for the people to evacuate the Amphitheatre in case of an emergency.

Entry to the games was free

If you were short of cash but enjoyed the blood and thunder of the Colosseum, you were in luck — provided you were Roman, that is. Emperors used the arena to promote their political policies, so entry to the games was free to all Romans.

It Had Elevators For Animals

The Hypogeum was a later addition to the Amphitheatre. It was just like the hidden workings of a ship including systems, pulleys, ropes, and pipes.

The Colosseum-pool

Were organized nauromachie, naval battles in the water. But did not have the same success of the games with Gladiators. To fill the entire arena was required approximately 7 hours.

It Aimed To Provide Best Comforts To The Plebs

A remarkable feat by the Roman planners was done to ensure that this public landmark had all facilities. Aqueducts stored water which was furnished to fountains across the Colosseum for public use via pipes running through the walls.

Love Films

Colosseum, set of many movies. Many, but not the Gladiator. A series of hitches have indeed pushed the director Ridley Scott.

It Had The Coolest Sun Protectors

Catering to the needs of the thousands of citizens, a specially designed retractable system of canvas overhangs called Velarium shaded the entire arena and protected the spectators from rain. The complex mechanism of pulleys was rumored to be operated by special sailors.