Trekking all across Europe for three months is not cheap, especially in the summer.

Not to mention, you need to rack up some serious vacation time to get away with that sort of trip without losing your job.
Now a travel company is looking to hire four people to go on an all-expenses paid tour across much of the continent, during which they’ll get paid to document the whole adventure on social media.
The dream gig is for travel tour company Busabout, requires that you document every step of the expedition on the company’s social media feeds.
So, basically, you’ll be getting paid to Instagram all the cool stuff you’re doing on the trip — something you’d probably be doing anyway.
Specifically, they’re looking to hire one Instagrammer, one blogger, one vlogger, and a Snaptchatter or Instagram stories creator to go on the trip.
The 3-month  journey will have you and 3 other social media-savvy travelers visiting 47 cities across 15 countries, with Busabout covering your hop-on-hop-off pass, accommodation, spending money, and your return trip home (over $7,000).

Here’s what you need to know before applying:
– You’ll have to create and upload a public YouTube video
– Posting on social media using #busabout and #ultimatetravelsquad as much as possible certainly isn’t going to hurt your chances.
– Follow their instructions specifically! Don’t eliminate yourself from the running simply on a technicality