Doctor Gaetano Autore, a GP in Naples who passed away on 25 March, has become the 33rd Italian doctor to die during the Coronavirus pandemic. Dr Autore was aged 69 and was in his final year of work before retirement.

The names, dates of birth/death and cities of the deceased doctors are listed on the website of the national federation of doctors guilds FNOMCEO
Out of the 33 medics who died in the last two weeks, 17 were family doctors, according to Avvenire, the newspaper owned by the Italian bishops conference, which reported that the ages of the deceased ranged from 49 to 87.
ANSA reports that more than 5,000 health workers have been infected with the coronavirus, as highlighted in a letter sent from the medical union Anaao Assomed to Italy’s national health institute (ISS) president Silvio Brusaferro.