Not only do you live a good life in Italy, with incredible food and wine, but you get an incredible long life. Now you have the time to enjoy the world’s best country!

Italians are expected to live up to a whopping 82.3 years old.
Italy is ahead of advanced countries such Germany, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, the United States and much more. In fact, Italy is only behind Japan, Spain, Switzerland and Singapore.
By 2030 Italy is still predicted the 6th highest country in the world for life expectancy, with the average citizen expected to live up to 84.5 years old.
Italians are expected to add another 2.2 years to their life.
What contributes to these factors? Maybe it is because Italians eat slowly, have strong family  bonds, drinking wine daily, or they love extra-virgin olive oil? Whatever the reason, is there a better country in the world to grow old?