The much-used phrase of every connected traveler (“Excuse me, what’s your wifi password?”) may start phasing out.

For those looking to hook up to an airport’s Wi-Fi, there’s now a map for that.
A travel blogger created a handy map to share the log-on information for airports around the world to help travelers make layover time productive.
Included for each airport are the Wi-Fi name, password and where travelers should sit to pick up the best signal.
The list contains log-on information for the lesser-used Wi-Fi in places like restaurants, bars and lounges around the airport.The map, reported on by Mashable, currently includes the log-on information for 127 different airports, but the list is constantly growing.
Every time someone encounters an airport that is not on the list, they can send log-on information to Polat, who verifies it before putting it on the map.