If you want to take a scenic trip from coast-to-coast on Amtrak for just $213.

The beautiful trip from San Francisco to New York in great detail to the multiple environments and landmarks you can admire.
You will have the chance to see most of the continental US with a really low cost.
The trip from SF to Chicago can cost as little as $130 if you buy California Zephyr tickets. Amtrak’s 15-day rail pass enables you to split your trip by eight different train rides, so you can disembark when the train’s route permits.
To get to NYC, you should switch to the Lake Shore Limited, which sweeps through  the Midwest & Pennsylvania before chugging into New York’s Penn Station.
While traveling you can take the Lakeshore from Chicago to NYC and also do some sightseeing in Cleveland or Boston, as the train stops in those cities, too.
If you want to upgrade to Business Class on the Lake Shore Limited, you’ll have many amenities. You can also travel anywhere on Amtrak with the 15-day pass.

There’s of course another option as you can book your trip for you for the low price of $49, and be free to travel without worries.