It was a stormy night in Reggio Calabria, with torrential rain, strong wind, thunder and lightning as widely announced by the weather forecast of the past few days.

The southern area of the city was particularly affected: 50mm of rain fell in the center  in Morloquio 57mm , in Serro Valanidi 67mm, in Cardeto 88mm . Heavy rains also in the northern hinterland with 68mm at the Rumia lake, 56mm in Sant’Alessio in Aspromonte, 35mm in Catona, 23mm in Scilla.
The serious repercussions on the territory: in the city center (Corso Garibaldi and Lungomare Falcomata) as in the southern area (Gebbione, Viale Calabria, Viale Quinto) the situation is dramatic.
At the moment there are no reports of victims or missing but unfortunately the bad weather will continue throughout the day and tomorrow, Monday 25 November.
Due to the storm, the Archbishop of Reggio Calabria, Monsignor Giuseppe Fiorini Morosini, decided to postpone the procession of Our Lady of Consolation which was scheduled for this afternoon until Sunday 1 December.