It started the countdown for the 38th lighting of the great tree of Christmas of Gubbio (Italy). On Saturday 7 December the imposing lighting installation, which runs from the Basilica of Saint Ubaldo along the slopes of Mount Ingino, will illuminate the splendid medieval city of Gubbio at 6 pm.

For almost forty years the majestic luminous work has been made possible thanks to the passion and dedication of hundreds of volunteers, enthusiasts from Gubbio who work, months in advance, for the realization of the Guinness tree, for which almost two thousand hours are needed off work.
The record Christmas tree will consist of illuminations eight kilometers long, covering an area equal to thirty football fields, with a base of 450 meters and a height of 750 meters. Installed every year since 1981, it consists of 200 lights for the star, 260 for the shape of the Tree and 270 multicolored LEDs inside the large fir tree.
To admire the Christmas Tree along the hill of Monte Sant’Ubaldo there will be thousands of visitors, like every year, flock to Gubbio to witness the traditional Christmas magic. The pride of Gubbio will remain on until 12 January 2020.