The number of people currently suffering from Coronavirus in Italy has risen to 50,418 (3,780 more than yesterday) however the total number of people to have recovered now stands at 7,432 (up 408 since yesterday).

Announcing the figures on the evening of 23 March, Italy’s civil protection chief Angelo Borrelli reported the number of new Coronavirus deaths at 601, the second consecutive day that the number of fatalities has dropped.
“Today the downward trend is confirmed” – said the Lombardy regional health councilor Giulio Gallera – “we can say that it is the first positive day, it is not time to sing victory but we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.”.
In the Lombardy region, the worst-hit in Italy’s Coronavirus crisis, the number of new deaths is 320, compared to 361 the day before, and 546 the day before that.

On 21 March Italy recorded 793 deaths, the highest one-day death count anywhere in the world, including China, since the Covid-19 pandemic began.