The death toll from the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy rose to 366 on Sunday, shooting up from 233 on Saturday. The number of infections also rose by a single-day record of 1,492 on Sunday to hit a total of 7,375.

Italy now has the most deaths of any country outside China, and the second-most COVID-19 infections in the world, after the number of cases rose by a single-day record of 1,492 to 7,375. There are currently 6,387 active cases in Italy.While Italy’s coronavirus fatality rate is estimated at around 3.8% of confirmed cases, experts warn there may be an unknown number of undetected cases.
All of Italy’s 20 regions are affected as of Thursday, with the data showing the virus had reached the Aosta Valley on the French border.

Over 15 million people adjusting quarantine measures after the government effectively shut whole swathes of the north, beginning with Lombardy.