“At home, I eat alone, sleep alone. I told my child the truth, but sometimes I give in and cry, without letting myself be seen. It is a moment, then I pick myself up again.”.

This is the personal story of Federica Pezzetti, a 37-year-old medical director at the Cremona hospital in northern Italy, who gave an interview. The doctor, who is working on the frontline in Italy’s worst-hit region of Lombardy, said: “One of the things that are becoming more difficult to manage is that we medical mothers can no longer embrace our children. Many of us are starting to give in, now we need the psychologist.”.
Highlighting the immense professional and personal strain on doctors, Pezzetti told La Repubblica that she would like to describe “the human side of those who work here, perhaps it could really convince people to take precautions, to stay at home”.

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