A driver hijacked a schoolbus outside Milan and threatened to kill more than 50 children on board before setting fire to the vehicle on Wednesday morning!

The BBC reports two classes of teens an an adult escort were on their way from school to a gym in Milan when the driver pulled a knife on them.
No one was seriously injured in the incident thanks to the interventions of Italy’s carabinieri police force, who intercepted the vehicle and broke its windows so that all the passengers could escape before the bus went up in flames.
The driver, 47-year-old Ousseynou Sy, is originally from Senegal but has lived in Italy for a number of years and has had Italian citizenship since 2004.Police were alerted by a parent who was phoned by their son.
The carabinieri were alerted by a 12-year-old boy who was able to free his hands and dial the 112 emergency number on his cell phone.