A wide, cute little smile to bring cheer and hope to the world. The birth of a baby pre-term is often a worrisome situation. It hurts to watch your child struggling to grasp onto life when there’s not so much you can do to help them.

Preemies are usually too fragile to feel anything, but this cute little fighter was in one heck of a good mood just a few days after her birth. Lauren Vinje and David had their little angel, Freya delivered at 34 weeks due to complications.
At that time, they weren’t sure if their daughter would make it through that phase, and as expected, the parents deeply troubled.
But just 5 days after she was born, baby Freya, gave her parents something miraculous to keep their spirits high! The tiny tot actually smiled. A very wide, beaming and life-affirming smile that has brought so much hope around the world.