New eruptions at Etna spews Lava over the Snowy Slopes…

Mild effusive/explosive activity continues at the eastern vent of the New SE crater, feeding two small lava flows traveling a few hundred meters down the eastern slope of the crater towards the upper Valle del Bove.
The larger flow emerges from the rim of the new cinder cone, while the the smaller of it is coming from a vent located few meters beneath the crater rim.
While the lava effusion seems to have been more or less stable, strombolian (explosive) activity has been decreasing over the past days.
On 9 Dec, it was continuous, as pulsating low fountains, with abundant noise audible in several kilometers distance.
When observed this evening, strombolian explosions were smaller and much more intermittent, and only rarely ejected incandescent material to the outer slopes of the eastern flank of the SE crater complex.