Italy is set to shiver, with a wave of bad weather predicted to sweep across the country, bringing thunderstorms, heavy rain, snow and high winds.

Temperatures reached 30°C in parts of northern Italy yesterday, and conditions were mild and sunny across much of the country.
But forecasts say Italy is enjoying its last few hours of sunshine before things turn decidedly wintry.
Forecasts are predicting winds of up to 120 kilometres an hour in coastal areas, while the Alpine regions are at risk of severe storms, flooding and landslides.The bad weather is expected to be most intense in the north, beginning on Saturday and spreading down and across the country in the following days.
Storms are predicted to hit Alpine areas and the northern regions of Liguria and Lombardy. There’s also a risk of storms in Tuscany and Lazio on Saturday.

Meanwhile the rest of the country can expect rain and a sharp drop in temperatures. Rain will arrive first in the central-north, around the Po Valley and Lazio.

High winds from the south are also expected over the weekend, with strong winds and storms predicted in coastal areas across the country.