In need of a new job, love Italy and have a fondness for Nutella?

We’ve got good news for you. The Ferrero company, which makes the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread, is looking to employ 60 people to taste-test its products.
Normally, the job of tasting the products is done by employees, however this year the confectionary giant wanted to hear from the people who buy their products.
Successful candidates will take on roles known as “sensory judges” and be paid to taste Ferrero’s Nutella spread and other delicious products…The only perquisites you need for the job is to have no allergies, be able to use a computer and possess a good sense of taste.
The work begins on 30 September for two days a week, for three months.

The lucky chosen ones will learn the correct terminology to describe each taste, and 40 sensory judges will be selected to make up two tasting panels.