It will be a weekend with a late-spring flavor, and summer, in Italy. The latest projections models, in fact, go in this direction, showing a comeback of the sub-tropical anticyclone on our peninsula between Friday and Sunday!.

We will see a thermal increase already on Friday when the maximum temperatures will be between 20-25 degrees. The hot advection, however, will intensify over the weekend, with a further increase in temperatures.
On Saturday, the North African anticyclone will determine a predominantly sunny day, with the exception of cloud densities in transit above all in the central region with temperatures reaching values ​​of 24-28 degrees.
On Sunday even warmer air will flow to the central and southern regions. At 850 hPa (about 1500 meters) even isothermals are expected 20-23 degrees on the Islands, closer to the sub-tropical “breath”, 13-15 degrees on the center-south.

This will result in high ground temperatures: the maximums will in fact easily reach 28-30 degrees on Sicily, Sardinia, and 26-28 degrees on the rest of Italy.
Values above 30 degrees can probably be reached on the two major islands and in some inland areas of southern Italy.