Since the beginning of the Coronavirus, 97,689 people have been infected by Covid-19. That is 5,217 more than yesterday, with a percentage growth of 5.64.

Of these, 10,779 have died (+756,) while 13,030 people have recovered from the infection, +646 more than yesterday with a percentage increase of 5.22.
Currently, the number of people that have tested positive for Covid-19 in Italy is 73,880 (+3,815 compared to yesterday with a growth of 5.44%).
Over the last three days, there has been a drop in both the number of victims and hospitalizations in intensive care, “big changes in the order of 10-15%” which depend on the “measures put in place” said pulmonologist Luca Richeldi in the press conference held by the Protezione Civile today.

“We are still in the midst of the epidemic. It would be a serious mistake to drop our guard right now,” says Health Minister Roberto Speranza, “We would end up frustrating what has been done up to now.”