It was built by Cretans (Greeks from Crete Island) of the Minoan era, the famous Grecans reside in the nine towns and settlements.

– live historical monuments south of Lecce, in an area known as .What distinguishes them from their other compatriots is their morals, customs, musical sounds and, in particular, their language, the French dialect – with their antiquities, their rich editorial plot and beautiful expressions.

Many scientists have dealt with this particular linguistic issue, some claim that the inhabitants of the villages of Apulia are direct descendants of the ancient Greece.
The little castle of the Greeks. This means the official name of Castrignano dei Greci, just 4 km away from Martano Town.
The restored crypt of Agios Onoufrios in the center of the city, which has traces of hagiographies and has a Greek inscription with the chronological mark 1237, is the most important attraction.