Dozens of fires erupted in Australia and rapidly spreading across the entire continent. While the Australians reckon that it could be the most devastating on record.

Apparently twice the size of Belgium which is 15 million acres has burned. Reportedly 18 people are dead including 3 fire fighters who volunteered themselves. And more people have been missing since the bush fire has been started in November.
Thousands of people lost their houses in the raging fire and hundred houses have been damaged. On New Year day the blaze intensified over victoria and new south wales. Still more than 100 fires are burning.
The focus towards preservation of eco system and wildlife should be considered as a serious matter. We may not realize it but this is pushing the human race towards extinction.As this year Big bash league has been going on the Australian crickets have stepped in and donating funds. All rounder Maxwell earlier had announced that he will be donating 250$ for every six he hits and max Bryant and chris lynn has joined him.
Also the Picture of Burnt Baby Kangaroo Caught in fence shows how worst the bush fire is. This picture of Joey (baby Kangaroo) caught and burnt while trying to escape is heartbreaking. An instagram page called ‘Vetpaw’ shared this image with caption “This crisis is real. This little joey (baby kangaroo) caught in the fence trying to escape the fires in Australia, tells the story to the world.”