Mila was diagnosed with leukemia. Currently, she is undergoing intensive chemotherapy. Her parents, decided that the best way to keep their little princess safe from possible Coronavirus infection was by self-isolating in different houses.

The family decided that Mila will stay with her mom while her dad and her sister live separately. Lynda is openly talking about their story online, to highlight the importance of self-isolating in times of pandemic.
Mila’s mother shares that the self-distancing is difficult for the family. However, they understand that the longer people go out, the longer their girl will have to stay indoors. She adds: “Mila is missing her daddy and sister”.
The 4-year-old is feeling anxious knowing that her dad and her sister are away, but her dad’s visits make her happy. They considered isolating together as a family, but they chose not to because they still have to take care of their household.

When they received the shocking news of Mila’s diagnosis last November, they couldn’t believe it. They thought their little princess was just tired, but it turned out much more serious. As she’s currently undergoing chemotherapy, they are still adapting to the Coronavirus pandemic situation.
The whole family is worried about Mila’s vulnerable condition, as her treatment requires attending hospitals, interacting with medics, and blood transfusions. These are all risk factors because there is still a chance some of the medics or even the blood donations may have been infected with COVID-19.