Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world according to a recent study which took place in universities all over the World.

The unexpected victory of Italian over growing economic nations like China and Russia is sure to give a boost to public and private efforts to promote the study of the language, which has become a main goal of the Italian government.The interest in Italian was recently provided with a new resource, the Quality Italian Language Certification. The program, created by universities in Siena, Perugia and Rome, allows lovers of Italian to be officially certified.
The Italian language is very complex, with an ambitious syntax, a wide vocabulary and nuances linked to the ancient history of the country.Language tells of a population more than anything else, and Italian tells us that the people have a complex and fascinating culture.
Of all the languages, Italian the one which is most studied for culture. This is linked to a passion for Italian culture, which possesses extraordinary strength.

Italy’s contributions to the western world are endless, as the country has been the home to some of the greatest civilizations in history.