Are you one of thousands of people dreaming of snapping up a house in Sicily for the price of an espresso? If so, you might want to take a closer look at what your euro will get you in the village of Sambuca.

The town recently announced it was selling off vacant houses for just €1 in a bid to boost its shrinking population, and promptly found itself inundated by inquiries.
Now the town hall has published more details of the properties available – along with a list of FAQs in English, in a sign of the international attention the offer has attracted.

Yet while they’re all fixer-uppers – the deal is that buyers commit to spend at least €15,000 renovating their new homes – some properties look like they would require less fixing up than others.
The other thing for would-be buyers to consider is that these houses aren’t exactly roomy. Anyone harbouring romantic notions of a sprawling villa for themselves and the extended family should check out some of the floor plans.

Pictures of all properties can be found on Sambuca’s official website, where you’ll also find a list of frequently asked questions.