Our love for the Limoncello is no secret- and turns out, it tastes just as good in a cake as it does in an Aperitivo glass.

Limoncello is a quintessential Italian liqueur made from the zest of lemons found on the Amalfi Coast, sugar, water and of course, liqueur- most often times grappa but occasionally vodka as well.
It tastes fantastic on its own as an aperitif before a meal or digestif after a meal, but as it so happens, it’s equally as tasty when infused into baked goods, particularly cake.
Behold, our new favorite dessert: limoncello cake! While we love a lemony dessert on its own the limoncello adds something a little extra special.

Since limoncello is made from the peels of lemons, there’s a slight bitterness to it – which perfectly balances the sweetness of this cake.

A super fluffy, whipped mascarpone buttercream ties it all together – and who could resist some extra lemon slices for decor?